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    Marie Enigma
    April 28, 2024

    I'm going to have a bit of storytime so I'll put general review first and those that want to stay for the rest, can. So I only went to one spot to dance so I'm not the best Denver club judge but this one was great. Intimate vibe with nice amount of dance floor space and great DJs. I got a rum and sprite for 8 bucks (which as a new yorker was amazing)and a beer was the same price. They had water for free! I know that probably sounds like a strange acclimation but water can be $8 at a NYC party. The attendees were also chill, at least while inside. Now for storytime. It was my last night in Denver for a work trip and I wanted to do as much as possible that night. When I first arrived I literally just came from exploring the red rocks and hula hooping at the amphitheater stage and I wanted to keep up the dance vibes. I was crushed when the security guy told me they weren't allowed no matter how skilled you claim to be. Luckily it was a sectional hoop so I disassembled it and got inside with the warning that "they better not see me use it". Fair enough. I brought silk fans also 😉 I get a drink and start to vibe. The dancefloor was the husk to the musics' soul, you could feel the heartbeat as the music vibrated the floor. I go all out dancing, not caring who's watching because I'm in another state, who's to judge? I have another drink and I'm ready to bend some rules, I assemble the hoop. I'm flowing to a couple of songs and I'm thinking maybe they see I won't do damage and I can keep going. Unfortunately not, someone comes up (I believe the manager)and gives me the face so I stop. They said the fans were fine (very grateful for that) so I used those for a bit. I started vibing with this nice couple who were killin it on the dancefloor and before ya know it, it was time to leave. I usually call my Ubers before I head outside but I wanted to enjoy the fresh air. I walk across the street, looked at the night sky and thought "wow a whole night out and not one creep". And then this guy comes over and compliments my dancing and said he was watching me all night. Could I come to his hotel for one more dance? I politely said no but thanks for the compliment. Then he asks again and again and now it's becoming weird. 2 guys come out and yell compliments from across the street and I contemplate asking for their help, but I feel the threat is low so I yell a thank you back and continue my strange encounter. He tells me his Uber is 1 min away so I say I'll chat with him until it comes but I'm not coming with him. When it finally arrives he tries to pull my arm and get me in the Uber with him. At this point I'm pretty stern with my no and even told the Uber driver "take him, I don't want to go with him and he won't leave me alone". To that the Uber guy replies "can you just close my door?" As we're struggling outside it. Thanks Uber. The guy who wants me gets out and closes the door behind him and the driver whisks away leaving him with me. For some reason I still felt the threat level was low enough to not run back into the club like some damsel in distress. There's other ways to ditch a dog. I realized this whole time I was a fool, I'll just book my Lyft. So I did and it's a 5 mins away, let's hope I don't have to fight this dude beforehand. So I fake entertain him with more convo and a false promise of coming back with him. Then I go to take a pic of the outside of the building (for memories) and I ask if he could take my picture. As soon as the impromptu photoshoot is over, he passed my phone back and my Lyft smoothly pulls up next to me. "You called your own Uber?" He questioned sadly. "Yes love cuz you weren't getting the hint, no means no. But have a goodnight". Yes I'm way too polite to creeps but I wasn't in the mood to get rowdy, I was having a good night. I opened the door to the Lyft and told him, "make sure he doesn't follow us" and we drove away. Security should be outside when a event is in the final hour imo. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope you come and check this place out for yourselves!

    Danny Johnson
    April 26, 2024

    Best small club & soundsystem in the country. If you enjoy a dark club and a full body immersive audio experience filled with rolling basslines and heavy percussion then this is the place for you.

    Rowan Bear
    June 14, 2024

    I visited Denver a few years ago with my dad and our friend took us to a Thursday night show at this venue. I got to see one of my favorite Denver-based producers play a show and even got to meet him on the dance floor and shake his hand! This experience on top of the quality of service at the bar and quality of sound and vibes on the dance floor is one of the biggest factors in me deciding to move to Denver a few years later. The Black Box is truly a gem in the heart of Capitol Hill!

    Stephen Stubbs
    May 29, 2024

    One of if not the best sound systems in Denver. Gets a lil hot in the main room but plenty of seating in the lounge and patio. Happy hour ($2 off) for first hour of every show is nice too. Minimal production but the amazing music/sound sets the vibe right

    Tom Sexton
    March 25, 2024

    Excellent Dance club with chill staff for a cozy club in the armpit of Denver. Parking could be a challenge for some and being on the 13th Drag strip could be a safety issue but thankfully there is a barrier in front of the club. The sound quality is good but to me is just too loud. I'd love to see the dB's reduced in the main room especially or else I will be coming in with some noise cancelling headphones or just staying out in my car admiring the view.

    The Black Box

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